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Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce laws,Even if a person has spent hours considering their various options and weighing its impact on their future, the decision to divorce can still elicit heightened emotions of fear. Unfortunately, it happens that some spouses may attempt to influence how the other proceeds with the divorce by issuing threats that play upon those fears.

Responding to Threats

It is not unusual to want your divorce to end in a way that is mutually agreeable. It is even acceptable to think the final settlement should favor you if the marriage included some egregious acts by your spouse. However, when threats are issued it is important to respond in an appropriate and legally measured manner. Doing otherwise can result in negative repercussion and even severe sanctions. However, in most cases, the threats can be best categorized as empty bluster.
  • “You’ll never get a dime unless you do this my way.” This just is not true. Community property states lay out exactly how marital assets are divided. In other states, a judge has the final say.
  • “I’d rather go to jail than pay you a single dime.” If a spouse fails to live up to court-ordered support payments, you can take steps to garnish their wages. In most cases, when faced with going to jail for defying a court order, the offending party usually opts to pay voluntarily.
  • “I’d rather quit my job than make any payments to you.” This one can be a little more difficult to fight. Try to record this threat or get a witness. A judge can order them to continue making payments.
  • “I will reconcile with you if we put everything in my name.” This is less a threat and more an attempt to dupe you into signing away future claims to marital property. Never let anyone have full financial control over your life.

Rely on the Knowledge of an Experienced Aurora Divorce Attorney

The divorce process can be a very emotional experience, leaving some people feeling vulnerable and even frightened. Matters do not improve if one spouse attempts to take advantage of the situation by issuing threats. Working with an experienced Kendall County divorce lawyer can offer one great relief and support.


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divorce-rateIt is probably a safe bet to say that everyone who marries thinks that union will last forever. Why else would they bother? However, divorce is a fact of life, and there are a number of factors that play a part in the erosion and eventual dissolution of a marriage. Stress on a marriage comes from many sources, and a person’s job is among them.

Are You Working Toward a Divorce?

It has become known that workers in some industries experience divorce at higher rates than those in others. Whether it is the long hours, required travel or stress of the job that carries over to the homelife, the career someone chooses could impact the length of their marriage. Here’s a partial list of those lines of work that tend to experience higher than normal divorce rates.

The duties and responsibilities of first-line enlisted military supervisors place an unusual strain on a marriage. The added stress of deployment often adds to the unusually high rate of divorce among those in these roles.

Although a career in supply chain logistics comes with a pretty nice salary, it also includes long hours, a heavy workload and extra stress. Occasional overtime does not help.


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Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce laws,Just as the decision to get married is not always easy, the decision to divorce can be even more difficult. After all, the marriage was supposed to last forever. Therefore, before making a final decision to retain a lawyer and file for divorce it is important to consider all the consequences that may result.

Things to Consider

When one partner begins mulling exit strategies it can place added strain on the relationship, even without knowing it is happening. Before proceeding with a divorce take time to review some very important elements of the marriage and the divorce process
  • Is a trial separation in order? Perhaps there is a way to rebuild the relationship while living apart, but still maintaining contact to work on your issues
  • What were your expectations of marriage? Were they realistic? Perhaps by walking back some of these, you can save the relationship.
  • Do you argue? Are the arguments an opportunity to place blame, or are they are an opportunity to solve problems and create solutions? There is a difference.
  • Have you really given this marriage all your energy? As with anything in life, failing to fully commit has a way of destroying something that could be very good.
  • Do you let the opinion’s of others influence your relationship? Really, the only people who really know what is happening in your marriage are you and your spouse.
  • Will the problems you experience with this spouse likely to repeat in future relationships? If the answer is “yes,” perhaps you might consider working on yourself either for the sake of the marriage or the sake of future relationships.
  • Are you willing to get help fixing things? If so, did you set a deadline? An open-ended attempt to repair the relationship may result in further damage. Set a reasonable goal on which both spouses agree. If at that time nothing has changed, perhaps a divorce is the right decision.

Get Sound Advice from an Experienced DuPage County  Divorce Attorney

Even if you are not sure that a divorce is the right thing to do, it is important to know the consequences of your actions prior to making any permanent decisions. Working with an experienced Aurora divorce lawyer can help you gain some perspective on the matter, and prepare you for the process that lies ahead. The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. possesses the knowledge and resources that clients need to ensure that once divorce proceedings begin, the months ahead are as free of stress and anxiety as possible. Contact our office today at 630-409-8184 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the various options available to you.

Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce laws,The division of marital property can be a long and contentious process, as both parties attempt to secure the value of joint assets and obtain full or majority ownership of the property. This can be particularly when a married couple owns a business together, and that business becomes part of the divorce negotiations.

Keeping the Doors Open

It is not uncommon for a small, family business to close its doors forever as a result of a divorce. In addition to the stress and resentment this causes, a business closing also negatively impacts the employees who lose their jobs and even the community that relies on its services. Here are few tips to consider when taking steps to protect your business prior to or during a divorce.
  • Keep accurate financial records, and do not allow business finances to mix with family finances.
  • Speaking of records, make sure all relevant documents are stored safely and easily accessible.
  • If you are intent on keeping the business after the divorce it may require that you sacrifice other assets or property.
  • Obtain a fair and accurate appraisal of the business using the services of a neutral, court-appointed professional.
  • Placing the business in a trust prevents it from being counted among marital assets, and protects the value of a company’s growth.
  • Obtaining a strong, prenuptial agreement also has the power to protect your business in the event of a divorce.
  • Consider different buyout scenarios; even going as far as to establish a payment schedule.
  • If you know a divorce is on the horizon, consider easing your spouse out of any job within the business or severely reducing their responsibilities prior to filing.
One silver lining to all this is that it is unusual for a business to be sold in order to satisfy a divorce settlement.

An Experienced Aurora Divorce Attorney Can Help Save Your Business

As any experienced divorce attorney will tell you, no two cases are exactly alike. Add the complexities of a family business to the mix and the stress can increase exponentially. However, when you rely on the counsel of a knowledgeable Illinois divorce lawyer who understands the delicate nature of asset division, and the laws that guide such matters, the end result can be satisfying. The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. uses a number of legal resources and specific knowledge gained from years of experience to help clients achieve a fair and equitable divorce. To schedule a consultation, contact our offices at 630-409-8184 and learn how this experience will benefit you.


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Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce laws,There is an old saying that goes something like, “everybody makes mistakes.” Often it is how someone deals with and bounces back from their mistakes that helps them move forward in life. The same can be said for the mistakes married couples make, and whether or not those mistakes can be overcome or result in divorce.

No Marriage Is without Its Challenges

After the ceremony and celebration have ended, and all that remains of the honeymoon are the pictures and videos, it’s time to get back to real life. However, missteps are bound to take place. Here is a list of some of the mistakes married couples make that, if go unresolved, could play a role in the end of a marriage.
  • Sometimes one spouse starts to take the other for granted because they feel so comfortable in their relationship. Failing to show appreciation for one’s spouse, and the things they bring to the marriage can create tension and hard feelings.
  • Fights about money appear on almost every list of reasons couples divorce. Couples who discuss finances openly and honestly, and save together can avoid this pitfall.
  • Marriage is a huge commitment, but when one spouse is not totally invested in the success of the relationship it can create hurt feelings and tension.
  • Total reliance on your spouse can be a bad thing. Yes, you should able to rely on your spouse, but it is important to have a support system that extends beyond your husband or wife.
  • Never fighting usually means communication between the spouses has broken down completely. Fighting is not always bad - as long as it is done constructively -  as it allows couples to air problems, let the other person know how they feel, and work together to solve problems

Speak with a Knowledgeable Aurora Divorce Lawyer If You Are Considering a Divorce

If the mistakes you or your spouse make become too much from which to recover, then perhaps a divorce is the correct next step. To ensure the process is handled properly and you are able to protect property and assets to which you are entitled, find and retain an experienced DuPage County divorce lawyer who can guide you through the process. The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C.  understands the law, as well as the stress and anxiety that often accompanies a divorce. We provide a thorough review of all details that apply to your divorce to ensure a fair and equitable conclusion. To get the answers to your questions, please call our office today at 630-409-8184 and set up a consultation.

Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce laws,When a married couple decides to divorce everything they have obtained, amassed and created together suddenly becomes a desired possession by one party or the other, but very frequently property and assets are sought by both adults. The matter of property division is one that tends to increase the level of stress and cause prolonged court battles.

Understanding the Process

Along with the help of a knowledgeable divorce attorney with experience in matters of property division, it may be helpful to have a basic understanding of the guidelines Illinois judges refer to when faced with these matters. Consider the following information as a reference.
  • It happened that a couple owned two season tickets for the home games of a local professional sports team, but neither enjoyed the thought of continuing to attend games with the other once divorced. The wife even went so far as to file an emergency petition to obtain custody of the tickets. Eventually, the judge awarded the tickets to the husband but ordered him to purchase equal value seats for the wife.
  • Furthermore, Illinois law states specific measures that can be taken to protect property until such time a final plan for its division is finalized. One, for example, may file for a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction to prevent the transfer, encumbrance or concealment of any property. Exceptions are allowed, however, if those transactions are a part of the normal course of business or required to sustain one’s life.
  • You should know that filing for a restraining order or injunction does not give that party more of a right to final ownership to the property, as all assets and property are considered equally in the court’s final adjudication and decision of property division.
In any divorce, the ultimate goal of the court is to consider both sides and come up with a plan for property division that is fair and equitable.

Rely on a Knowledgeable Illinois Property Division Attorney to Represent You

Every divorce has unique aspects that may create uncertainty and anxiety. Division of marital assets and property is a complex matter, but if you work with an experienced DuPage County divorce and property division divorce lawyer it can help ease the transition. The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. uses a variety of resources and years of experience to divide marital property in an equitable manner. Contact our offices at 630-409-8184 to set up a consultation. During this meeting, you can learn more about the divorce process and get answers to all your questions.

divorceOnce a person actually decides that their marriage is no longer salvageable, and a divorce is imminent, the next steps require time and research to find the right attorney and begin the process that will lead to a final and legal decree of divorce. However, a new program in Illinois was established to help reduce some of the time-consuming work that adds stress to the situation.

The Early Resolution Program

The Illinois Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission recently awarded a $15,000 grant to the McHenry County Judicial Court to help fund the activity of its Early Resolution Program. The goal of this new initiative is to help those who require assistance starting their divorce process while making the entire experience more efficient. The Early Resolution Program was created to:
  • Help people find an attorney who will represent them in their divorce case.
  • Host monthly “problem solving” sessions to deal with procedural questions and paperwork.
  • Reduce legal costs and the number of steps in the divorce process.
  • Reduce the number of post-disposition hearings.
  • Work with divorce attorneys and other groups providing legal representation in divorce matters who will attend the monthly sessions and offer participating couples guidance and advice throughout the process.
The program is suited to help couples that have no children, no complex marital assets or debts, no pending orders of protection, and no pending matters of domestic violence. However, these problem-solving programs interactions between self-represented parties and the court are held frequently, but tend to be much less formal in nature. This process is designed to help couples work through the divorce process more quickly and, in some cases, receive a settlement judgment the same day as their session. A program such as this may help eliminate some of the fear that goes along with all the uncertainty when a couple begins to pursue divorce proceedings. However, it should not take the place of experienced legal representation when divorce matters take on or involve complex issues.

Find a DuPage County Divorce Attorney with Years of Experience to Represent You

Not every divorce can be quick and amicable, but, with the right attorney, it is possible to reduce the stress, anxiety and time spent worrying about the details. It is best to leave the heavy lifting to an experienced Aurora divorce lawyer. The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. works to find an agreeable end to your marriage and move divorce proceedings to a speedy and satisfying conclusion. Contact us today at 630-409-8184 to schedule a consultation, and learn how you will benefit from working with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer.

A new law is regaining traction in Illinois that would provide greater custody rights for dads going through a divorce. Shared parenting bills are under consideration in a number of states, and a bill currently making the rounds in the Illinois legislature is gaining support from a number of father's rights advocacy groups.

What Is Being Proposed?

The main goal of any shared parenting law is to help the children of divorce build and maintain a relationship with both parents. When child support payments are late or not made, there are laws in place to punish delinquency. However, that is not currently the case when it comes to visitation agreements. In addition, there are groups who are of the opinion that when it comes to deciding custody in Illinois divorce cases that judges do not always consider both parents equally. New legislation under consideration may change that.
  • The shared parenting bill requires courts to begin a custody process by presuming that child benefits most when able to spend equal time with both parents.
  • It requires the court to give both parents a full and fair evaluation prior to establishing custody or weighing in on a visitation agreement.
  • One provision might require a judge to record in writing the reasoning for each custody ruling they make.
  • Judges would be given the authority to fine, suspend driver’s or professional licenses, require surety bonds and even jail parents who frequently interfere with custody agreements or visitation.
  • There is research that suggests children of divorce in a 50/50 custody arrangement have lower rates of teen suicide, teen pregnancy, and other behavioral issues.
However, there are some groups opposed to the law, and the Illinois Secretary of State’s office has indicated that passage of the bill could result in more paperwork for its employees.

Secure Help from a Knowledgeable DuPage County Child Custody Attorney

Even if you expect your divorce to proceed without much surprise or resistance, nuances of divorce law missed by an unpracticed individual can result in a prolonged process and additional expense. It is important to avoid time wasting and unnecessary costs by relying on a experienced DuPage County divorce attorney. The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. is an aggressive advocate for your rights to spend time with your children after a divorce. To schedule a consultation, please contact our offices at 630-409-8184 and set up a time to discuss your custody concerns.


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Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce laws,It is a common and widely-held opinion that divorce is no laughing matter, especially if you or someone you love has been through the experience. However, sometimes certain celebrity splits and other unusual reasons for divorce hit the news and one cannot help but shake their head and maybe even chuckle.

Strange and Weird

While many divorces involve fairly straightforward claims to dissolve a marriage, there are times when divorce attorneys and the courts hear of some very out of the ordinary claims. As it is, there are divorce laws in some states and countries still in effect that many consider unusual to downright bizarre. However, it turns out that these laws exist because the reasons for their creation still occur.
  • A man in Vermont can divorce his wife is she gets false teeth without first notifying him.
  • In New York, you can seek a divorce on the grounds that your spouse is legally insane. However, one must prove the spouse was mentally ill for at least five years.
  • In Delaware, one can obtain an annulment if the marriage is the result of a drunken dare or joke.
  • Seven states allow a spouse to pursue damages from a third party who was involved in the split of a marriage. This actually made news recently when it involved a member of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles.
  • In Wichita, KS, one may not use “mistreatment of a mother-in-law” as grounds for divorce.
  • In Japan, a newly divorced man can remarry at any time. However, the woman must wait at least six months to remarry.
  • Aboriginal women in Australia can end their marriage simply by marrying another man.
  • While “no-fault divorce” laws exist predominantly in the United States, that is not true in England, which provides for some unusual divorce cases in that country, sometimes requiring court personnel to stifle their own laughter.
  • In Kentucky, one can remarry their ex-spouse as many as three times, but a fourth marriage between the same parties is illegal.

Retain an Experienced and Resourceful Illinois Divorce Attorney

Even if you expect your divorce to proceed without much surprise or resistance, nuances of divorce law missed by an unpracticed individual can result in a prolonged process and additional expense. It is important to avoid time wasting and unnecessary costs by relying on a knowledgeable DuPage County divorce attorney. The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. focuses its energy and resources on providing meticulous review and thorough representation from start to finish. Contact their offices today and learn how they put their experience to work for you.


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Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce laws,Anyone who has experienced divorce or is in a relationship headed for divorce understands it is an emotional and volatile period. Advice and guidance come from well-meaning friends and family members, but the complexities of a contested divorce require a greater understanding of the issues and family law.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Even if you have been through a previous divorce, it is very likely that every breakdown of a marriage contains element and issues unique to the people involved. It is for these and many other reasons why the counsel of a practice legal professional may prove to be the best decision a person makes when they have the resolve to pursue a divorce decree. In addition to handling all the key research and filings, a divorce attorney can help a person keep track of other related details.
  • Avoid letting emotions guide your financial decisions. Often times acting out of spite or anger could damage your own financial future.
  • Even if you have assets in your own name, your spouse can of after them. Everything is fair game once divorce proceedings begin.
  • Thinking about buying a new car? Purchase it before beginning the divorce process because most states will issue orders prohibiting new or large purchases.
  • While watching your own budget, keep track of your spouse’s spending habits. Sudden large expenditures or loans to friends could signal an attempt to hide funds.
  • Take pictures of assets, make copies of bank statements and gather up other key documents before you leave.
  • If you own property, have it appraised by an independent professional before you file.
  • Even if you suspect your spouse is doing the same, DO NOT attempt to hide assets. If found, your actions will have negative consequences.
  • If you are ordered to pay alimony, you can deduct those payments from your taxes.
  • If you receive, you must report that as income on your tax returns.
  • Update beneficiary designation information on your life insurance, pension plans or other investments.

Find a Knowledgeable Aurora Divorce Attorney

Even when you know that pursuing a divorce is your only remaining option, the emotion and stress attached to such a decision can cloud your judgment and negatively impact your behavior. To ensure you follow the law and receive fair treatment, secure representation from an experienced Illinois divorce attorney. The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. provides thorough research and review of all relevant details to ensure a stable custody agreement, fair division of assets, and appropriate support payments. To schedule a consultation, contact our offices today at 630-409-8184.


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Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,In addition to the financial repercussions of divorce, the emotional toll felt by both adults and children during and following the end of a marriage often has the power to develop into something quite harmful. In fact, many professionals urge greater awareness for and detection of the signs of clinical depression among those who go through a divorce.

Teens and Divorce

The impact of divorce on a teen can have a number of negative effects, ranging from feelings of abandonment to blaming themselves for the split of their parents. Some professionals make the analogy of a puzzle with missing parts, now the picture of the family the teen has known their whole life is suddenly incomplete. This can lead to confusion and sadness that, if left untreated, has the ability to develop into something quite harmful.


Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,Recently it was reported that the participants of a reality show entitled, “Married at First Sight,” had finalized their divorce, citing irreconcilable differences at the time of filing. A second couple from the show started the divorce process last month. This begs the question whether or not a brief period of engagement dooms the marriage.

The Engagement Period

Various studies on the subject offer no concrete answers as to the perfect length of engagement, certain themes emerge that show tendencies on the subject.


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Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,It seems, by many accounts, that once the presents are all opened, the decorations stored away for another year and the final notes of Auld Lang Syne have faded, that thoughts frequently turn toward divorce. As is the case with most things in life, divorce is another that seems to have its own season during which the rate is higher than other times of the year.

It All Starts in January

As it turns out, January is a popular month for online searches that include the terms “divorce lawyer” and “file for divorce.” Some studies show it only second, by less than half a percent, to July. So why is January a month when many people begin the divorce process? The answers appear fairly straight-forward.


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Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,Most couples going through a divorce are looking for a fair division of the marital assets, alimony and child support amounts they can live with, and, ultimately, the legal dissolution of a marriage that just was not working. However, every so often we hear about some really odd demands made by one party or the other that cause us to shake our heads in disbelief. Strange Demands, Strange Results Granted, divorce laws around the world vary greatly. Some tend to favor one party more than the other. Perhaps the only thing more strange than the demands made by the parties in these divorce cases, is that the judge actually granted them in finalizing the divorce decree. A Cambodian couple ordered to split their assets took things quite literally and divided their house in half. The husband towed his half away, perhaps to enclose it before the rainy season. A judge in Spain ordered a couple to divide their apartment in half as it was deemed best for the well-being of their two young daughters. In Australia a man had to dig up the remains of his parents, who he buried on his family property, after a judge awarded the property to his wife. A Nobel laureate who was divorced in 1988 had to pay his wife half of 1995 winnings because their settlement included a clause for any future Nobel winnings up to and including 1995. If he had won in 1996 his wife would have received nothing. In India, a man who claimed his wife spent all his money on ice cream, was ordered to pay $1,300 per month in support, and an additional $2.50 each month so his wife could buy ice cream. Of course, these stories all seem to border on the extreme, but the lesson is that if you feel you are entitled to something as part of your divorce there is no harm in asking for it. Work with an Experienced Aurora Divorce Attorney When it comes to dividing marital property as part of the final divorce settlement there is bound to be some disagreement among the parties. This is when it will pay off to find and retain an Illinois divorce lawyer that will work on your behalf to see that you receive everything to which you are entitled. When you rely on the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. for help in pursuing your divorce, you will benefit from years of experience and their dedication to client satisfaction. You can schedule a free consultation when you call their offices today. Sources: http:/ https:/" divorce are looking for a fair division of the marital assets,alimony andchild support amounts they can live with, and, ultimately, the legal dissolution of a marriage that just was not working. However, every so often we hear about some really odd demands made by one party or the other that cause us to shake our heads in disbelief.

Strange Demands, Strange Results

Granted, divorce laws around the world vary greatly. Some tend to favor one party more than the other.


Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,Married couples have a lifetime of happy memories from their time together. Divorced couples may have shared some good times together, but when a divorce appears on the horizon the good times often fade and one’s thoughts can be dominated by the memories that led up to or caused the divorce. Sometimes the weight of those bad memories can create problems that affect other areas of one’s life.

Coping Strategies

For people who feel overwhelmed by the bad memories of a failed marriage, simply telling oneself to stop dwelling on the past is not enough. Whether it is self-guilt over the divorce or the memories of words and actions by the ex-spouse, it can require more than willpower to stop reliving the past. Although not a complete list of strategies, the following are some tips that may help.


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Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,When a couple splits everyone immediately wants to know who is to blame. Surely one of the spouses or other did something so egregious that is resulted in divorce. In some cases, the couple who is splitting up feels the need to blame their partner for the divorce in order to relieve some of their own guilt.

The Blame Game

Even though most states offer the option of a no-fault divorce, blame still plays a big part in the reasons leading up to and the process of a divorce. Many times it is not even those who are seeking a divorce that place blame, as friends and family have been known to choose sides and blame the other for the end of the marriage. Some common thoughts on blame and divorce include:


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Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,Sometimes after a few weeks, months or even years of marriage, the person who is your spouse turns out to not be quite the person you thought they were. While an annulment was more common prior to Illinois’ enactment of the no-fault divorce law, some still prefer getting a marriage declared legally invalid.

Why Some People Choose Annulment

Even though all 50 states have no fault marriage laws, people still seek an annulment. Here are some common reasons given:


Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,The divorce process may be one of the most emotionally traumatic experiences of your life, as the relationship you once thought would last forever has ended. Dealing with the aftermath of your divorce while navigating the winter holidays can increase the stress and anxiety of rebuilding your life.

The Holidays Are Stressful Enough

Crowds at the mall, parking lots filled to capacity, family get-togethers and office parties are just some of the things that make this time of the year very stressful. The after-effects of a divorce can increase that stress level, but if you have some idea of what to expect then perhaps you can take steps to avoid adding to your anxiety.


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Illinois child support attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,The introduction and evolution of social media has made a huge impact on a variety of personal and business matters. Now it seems that some people are using social media platforms as a means for expediting the serving of divorce papers to hard to find spouses. This new use of social media platforms has the potential to provide some measure of simplicity in what at times is a time-consuming process.

A New Use for Facebook

As it turns out, an increasing number of judges are approving the use of Facebook to serve hard-to-find spouses because more and more people are easier to find through their online activity. In one of the first cases addressing the issue, the petitioner claimed that even employment of a private investigator provided no results in locating her spouse. However, she had a cell phone number and knowledge of an active social media account used by the husband. The presiding judge ruled that the increased use of social media in a growing number of aspects in life allowed for it to be used as a new forum for delivering a summons. Other benefits of using social media include:
  • Facebook posts include time stamps and automatic notifications of who sees the post and when they view it.
  • Facebook notifications can be posted free of charge.
  • Saves the expense of hiring a private investigator to locate the spouse.
  • Overcomes the challenges of serving someone who lives in a foreign country.
  • Active social media accounts are often easier to find than a current address, phone number and E-mail account of an individual.
In spite of this development, in-person delivery of divorce papers remains the preferred method. To determine whether or not use of a social media platform may benefit your case it is best to consult an experienced and knowledgeable divorce lawyer.

Protect Yourself and Your Property with Help from an Experienced Illinois Divorce Attorney

Once you have made the decision to follow through with a divorce knowing what steps to take next can sometimes create confusion and anxiety. These are just a few of the reasons to retain the services of a knowledgeable DuPage County divorce lawyer. The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. uses vast resources and years of experience to help ease the frustration and confusion that often accompanies this difficult and uncertain time in your life. Contact our offices today at 630-409-8184 to set up a consultation.

Illinois child support attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,Even after a divorce is final, custody agreements are settled and support payments ordered, the adults and children who lived through the experience can still live through periods of uncertainty. This is especially true if a custodial parent stops receiving the child support payments they count on for monthly expenses related to raising their children.

Illinois Laws Push for Payment

For years custodial parents felt they had no recourse if their ex-spouse suddenly stopped or refused paying agreed upon monthly child support payments. To help custodial parents pursue that money, and encourage continued payment, the state of Illinois enacted a series of enforcement programs. These laws apply to both deadbeat dads and moms:
  • Income Withholding: All Illinois employers are required to file a report of all new hires with the state. Reports are shared with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, and Orders to Withhold Income for Child Support are submitted to the employer if it is found that a  new employee is delinquent in their child support payments.
  • Drivers License Suspension: The Illinois Secretary of State’s office can suspend the driver’s license of anyone who is more than 90 days late in child support payments.
  • Jail Time: If a judge finds the non-custodial parent is intentionally withholding child support payments they can be found in contempt of court and ordered to make the payment. If they fail to comply with the judge’s order, they can be sent to jail.
  • Publication of Debt: Delinquent child support payments can be added to a non-custodial parent’s credit report, making it difficult to buy a car, secure a loan or conduct other financial transactions.
  • As of 1997, custodial parents have up to 20 years after their child’s 18th birthday to pursue and collect past due child support payments.
Non-custodial parents long felt that the division of expenses was unfair, and placed on them a larger burden of the cost of raising children after a divorce. A new Illinois law that went into effect this past July now takes a broader look at all income sources of both parents in an effort to create a more equitable child support plan.

Pursue Owed Monies with Help of an Experienced Aurora Child Support Lawyer

It is important to know that there are steps you can take if your ex-spouse is delinquent in their payments of court-ordered child support. By working with a knowledgeable and aggressive Illinois divorce and child support attorney, you can pursue the payments due you and your children. Contact the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. to schedule an initial consultation and discuss your options.

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