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Assisting Clients Prepare for Hearings and Meetings During Family Law-Related Disputes and Challenges in Illinois

Do you face a family law dispute or challenge involving child custody, parenting time, paternity or a guardianship? The court will likely use an evaluator or guardian ad litem to assist in making key decisions. How you interact with the evaluator can make the difference between whether the court rules in your favor or in favor of your spouse or other party.

At the law office of the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., we can assist you in strategizing your approach to meetings and interactions with evaluators and guardians ad litem. By being prepared, by understanding what evaluators look for and by understanding the criteria that evaluators use when making key decisions, you can work effectively to pursue your family law goals.

Are you concerned about how to manage meetings with court evaluators? Contact experienced Aurora guardian ad litem lawyer Matthew M. Williams by calling 630-409-8184.

Because attorneys are not part of the evaluation process, you will need to prepare for evaluation meetings beforehand.

I can assist you in determining what you should and shouldn't share with evaluators, how to strategically provide references, and how to interact with your child during evaluation meetings. While it is important to be honest and to be yourself, preparation and awareness of evaluators' criteria can tip the scale in family law disputes. For more information, please contact my office.

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