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When people are going to get married and have significant assets and/or children from previous marriages, a prenuptial agreement can be an important tool. Some people have mixed feelings when they consider prenuptial agreements. In truth, they can be hugely useful. They offer couples the opportunity to define their marriage and set things up according to their own rules rather than subscribing to "one size fits all" dictates of law.

That said, prenuptial agreements can be complex. It is, of course, possible to undertake the documentation of a prenuptial agreement yourself, but challenges often arise due to complications that documentation does not anticipate or clearly define.

If one spouse takes nonmarital funds and puts it into a co-owned account or invests in an addition to a co-owned piece of property, it is important to understand how appreciation/depreciation will be considered.

In order to explicitly define all factors involved in a prenuptial agreement, the skill of a lawyer can be extremely beneficial.

St. Charles Prenup Lawyer

Because I have been working on some of Illinois' most complex family law issues for close to a decade I am ready to help you ideally draft a prenuptial agreement by:

  • Working with a court reporter to read the agreement into a court report
  • Obtaining and documenting testimony of all necessary individuals
  • Identifying and explicitly documenting all key issues

Regardless of asset complexity, I can account for all variables and encourage you to get in touch.

To schedule a consultation with Aurora prenuptial agreement attorney, Matthew M. Williams, call 630-409-8184 or e-mail the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C.

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