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Nobody gets married with the intention of eventually getting a divorce. When a divorce becomes a reality for a couple, however, the process can affect every aspect of their lives, including their finances, living arrangements, and even their relationships with their children. If you are facing the possibility of a divorce, it is important to put a qualified and knowledgeable lawyer on your side.

My name is Attorney Matthew M. Williams, and I have been practicing law in Northern Illinois for more than 15 years. I am passionate about helping clients facing divorce and other matters of family law, and I have dedicated my practice and my career exclusively to family-related concerns. With my background, experience, and resources, I am equipped to personally assist you in finding a workable resolution to your divorce or family law dispute, no matter how complex your unique circumstance might be.


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Uncontested Divorce

Many people think of a divorce as a bitter fight between two spouses who cannot stand to be in the same room as one another. In reality, most divorcing couples are able to cooperate with one another, at least to a certain extent, in resolving the issues related to their situation. Some are even able to reach an agreement on all of the important concerns. A divorce like this is known as an “uncontested divorce.”

Regardless of what you own, your status as a parent, or any other factors, I can help you and your spouse pursue an uncontested divorce. During an uncontested divorce, contentious litigation and endless bickering are replaced by common-sense solutions and strategies designed to allow each of you to focus on building a happier, healthier future. With my guidance, you can negotiate a resolution to your divorce quickly, efficiently, and, in most cases, affordably.



Ending a marriage is never easy, even when you know that doing so is the right decision for you and your family. The process of divorce requires a couple to address a wide variety of concerns, including the division of marital assets, spousal support, and child-related matters. As an experienced family law attorney, I know how difficult divorce can be, and I understand the emotions that you might be facing. With that in mind, I am dedicated to helping you manage your divorce and reducing your stress and anxiety.

Thanks to my extensive training and certification in alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative law and cooperative law, I am equipped to assist you in finding divorce solutions that do not require going court. If litigation is necessary, however, I will protect your interests inside the courtroom as well.

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Child Issues

Child Issues

Divorcing couples often disagree about property and finances, and such disagreements are understandable. For divorcing parents, however, nothing should be more important than the well-being of their children. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for divorcing parents to have different ideas as to how to best serve their children’s needs. In my practice, I work with parents every day in creating realistic, equitable parenting plans designed to protect the rights of both parents while serving the best interests of the child. Contact my office today for assistance with child-related matters such as:

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Direct Access & Unique Training

Unlike many lawyers, I personally handle each one of my client’s cases. When you call me in my office in Aurora, you won’t speak to a staffer; you’ll speak with me. If you get my voicemail or assistant when I’m in court or in a conference, you can expect I will return your call promptly.

In addition to my law degree I have a background in psychology and counseling. I truly understand the stress and upheaval family legal matters can cause. One of my offerings is collaborative law, a process that has reduced conflict and cost for hundreds of my clients.

Affordable & Local

My ultimate goal is to efficiently create the best outcome possible so you can move forward with your life. I offer $100 initial consultations. Our contract will be based around the uniqueness of your case, the issues we need to address and the work we anticipate needing to be done. I also offer low cost, flat fees for non-contested divorce cases or simple divorces.

I am thoroughly familiar with the procedures and personnel in the Circuit Courts in DuPage, DeKalb, Kane and Kendall counties. I know the people and the processes, which means better communication and quicker resolutions.

The Path Forward

Divorce is very difficult but at the end of the path is an opportunity for a new life filled with possibilities. Let’s talk about what your current legal challenge is and how I can help you get it solved. Call 630-409-8184 to schedule a consultation or e-mail the The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. and expect to receive a personal reply.

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  • Mr. Williams represented me in my Family case last year and his honesty and experience with Law and court system was very helpful to my case and made my process very easy being represented by him. Mr. Williams always made me feel very comfortable through the whole process and being very up front with everything was a big money saving as well as achieving the best results. I will always recommend his office.

    - Mr. Ali Mousavi

  • It was a great experience, I don't have any recommendations for changes. Mr. Williams explained how the case would take place and it happened as he explained. I didn't have to worry about anything. I would definitely recommend Mr Williams to anyone looking to get a divorce.

    - Dennis A.

  • Matthew was understanding and patient with a particularly complicated divorce case spanning two countries and the challenges of a 6 hour time difference. My only developmental feedback would be regarding repetitive clerical hiccups at times. He did a great job. Thank you!

    - James K.

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