Kendall County Property Division Attorney

Protecting Your Assets in an Illinois Divorce

In the wake of a divorce, property must be distributed. In order to do so, it is important to define the marital estate and ensure that the property is equitably distributed.

Illinois is referred to as an "equitable" distribution state. Equitable does not mean equal or even fair, necessarily. The simplest way to define equitable would be, "appropriate given the situation."

In some cases an equitable distribution may result in a 50-50 split, while in others a disproportionate distribution of assets and liabilities may result.

Property division is an area of family law where the skill of an attorney is critical. Negotiation can result in significantly more control and appropriateness to your unique situation.

Naperville Division of Property Attorney

I am ready to take nearly a decade of experience in family law to help you put together a divorce property settlement that will assist in the establishment of your new, individual household. Regardless of the complexity or types of assets you need to distribute, I am ready to combine my comprehensive experience with a hands-on approach to help you reach success.

For more information please view the marital and nonmarital property page.

Upside-Down House Values

It is worth noting that the current housing market can present unique challenges. For many divorcing couples who own houses that are worth less than they owe, there are multiple options. If you are facing these issues, I will help you minimize exposure and maximize your position.

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