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Protecting Parents' Rights in Kendall, Kane, and DeKalb Counties

Following a divorce, many important decisions need to be made with respect to children. Many people assume what has now become almost conventional wisdom — that mothers have more rights or that the court favors them in decisions.

This is not the case.

With respect to parental rights in Illinois, there is no statute that gives any one parent superior or inferior rights. Barring extenuating circumstances, both parents have equal decision making authority for their children.

As such, there is no set schedule or defined prescription for custody, visitation and parenting time. It is important to take into account both parents' schedules to define a realistic parenting plan that fosters frequent, continuing and meaningful relationship with both parents and the ability and willingness of parents to meet a child's needs.

Regardless of the divorce or family law issues you are facing, I am here for you.

Bristol Fathers Rights Lawyer

I combine more than a decade of legal work with more than five years of experience working with abused children and adolescents facing severe psychiatric and emotional disorders. By fusing these competencies with my personal approach, I am able to quickly, efficiently and amicably get to the bottom of parents rights issues. From there I can help you work toward a solution that preserves your financial and emotional wellbeing both in the immediate and distant future.

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