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Prior to the availability of a no-fault divorce in Illinois, marriage annulments (which are actually termed "invalid" marriages in our state) were somewhat common. Now, however, marriage invalidations are rare.

In some instances, though, it makes sense to pursue a marriage invalidation/annulment. In these occurrences, you must prove before a judge that one party:

  • Lacked the capacity to consent to the marriage
  • Was induced into the marriage by force, duress or fraud
  • Lacked the physical capacity to consummate the marriage
  • Was age 16 or 17 and lacked parental consent

It is also possible to have a marriage invalidated if the marriage was prohibited.

If you are interested in having your marriage invalidated, contact me, Aurora annulment attorney Matthew M. Williams of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. Why?

The few grounds that do exist are difficult to prove. Judges are consequently reluctant to enter a judgment that invalidates a marriage.

Before you invest the time, energy and money in pursuit of the invalidation of your marriage, talk with an experienced attorney about what your options really are and what your chances of success are. I have handled divorces, dissolution of civil unions and invalidation of marriages for my entire legal career, and I can provide the knowledgeable counsel and aggressive representation you need. For more information, please contact my office.

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