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Are There Realistic Divorce Alternatives?

 Posted on December 00,0000 in DuPage County divorce lawyer

alternatives to divorce, Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorneyDivorce is a frightening and heartbreaking concept, but it is a reality for many Americans. It is often the realization that the hopes and wishes of what was intended to be a happy and satisfying marriage have failed.

Whether a relatively young couple is coming to terms with the fact that their marriage is not working, or an older couple is realizing that they are no longer happier together, divorce is never easy. Added on top of the emotional troubles is the grinding legal work that is a part of the process. When children or large amounts of property are involved, divorce can become even more complicated. Facing these realities leads some couples to wonder if there are any divorce alternatives.

If it seems like divorce is a very real possibility, one of the first options available to couples is to consult with a family lawyer. Divorce is a legal termination of an agreement, so it makes sense to review the details with a professional—especially since it can impact one's financial life greatly. Every case is unique, so having an attorney review a case can offer some critical insight. It also helps to have legal representation, according to a recent report—especially if the divorce becomes a fierce legal battle.

The First Divorce Alternative: Learning to Work through Marital Problems

If a situation does not involve any immediate threats to the mental or physical well being of either spouse, it may be worthwhile to consider the possibility of working through whatever dilemmas are making the marriage difficult. This advice is often critical for young couples who are recently married—especially if they have not been living together long. Learning about what it takes for two people to share a life together can be riddled with challenges and even arguments, but it does not always mean the marriage is a failed one.

Some couples find solace by working with a family therapist or counselor. Having a third party present to provide opinions and insight can help spouses find solutions to their problems, paving the way to a happier marriage.

Other Divorce Alternatives: Annulments and Legal Separation

If a couple still is not able to work out their marital troubles yet are unsure about divorce, an annulment might be worth pursuing. Most people are familiar with annulments in a religious perspective; the church dismisses the legitimacy of the marriage. A civil annulment is very similar. Instead of bringing in the rule of a church or religious aspect, a civil annulment clarifies that the marriage was never “real.” This differs from a divorce, which recognizes that the marriage was legitimate at some point but was impossible to sustain.

While Illinois does not have an actual law that refers to “civil annulments,” a judgement of invalidity" can be ordered instead—which is virtually identical to an annulment.

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