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3 Ways to Protect Your Child During a Divorce

 Posted on June 27,2024 in Children of divorce

Aurora, IL divorce lawyerIt is well-known that children can be negatively affected by divorce. Some of these adverse effects can be short-term, like withdrawn behavior or a drop in grades. Divorce can also have long-term effects, such as difficulty developing healthy relationships.

Therefore, many parents who get divorced want to know how they can shield their children from the impact as much as possible. While your child’s reaction and behavior are not fully under your control, there are steps you can take that might minimize the harmful fallout from your divorce. It is always a smart idea to hire an Illinois divorce lawyer who will focus on your child’s best interests throughout the divorce. This can make the divorce process and your post-divorce life smoother.

Here are three ways to protect your child during a divorce.

Avoid Negativity

Children have a hard time understanding why their parents suddenly do not want to live together. After all, if parents love each other and share a life together, how can that life just end? You can help manage your child’s confusion by avoiding expressions of negativity, especially ones about your co-parent. No matter how hostile the divorce might be, try to avoid badmouthing your ex-spouse, which will make the divorce even harder to process for the child.

Touch Base Frequently

Another way to protect your child is to touch base with him or her frequently. Divorce is not something your child will understand right away, and it will take time to process. You can help that along by letting your child know often that you are always available to hear him or her out. Keep the invitation to connect open while making sure to give your child the space he or she needs.

Date With Caution

Some divorces are a long time in coming, and spouses may already have their eyes set on someone by the time the divorce papers are filed. If you want to enter into a new romantic relationship, proceed with caution. Once your child finds out you have a new partner, he or she may feel the other parent is being replaced. This can cause more hurt and confusion. Try to keep your new romance under wraps as much as possible until your child is ready to process it.

Contact an Aurora, IL Divorce Lawyer

Navigating divorce with children is difficult without the right guidance. Consult a DuPage County, IL divorce attorney about how you can protect your child as much as possible throughout your divorce. At The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., we put your child’s well-being at the heart of the divorce process. We will also be happy to connect you with excellent family counselors and other professionals if you require them. Call 630-409-8184 for a consultation today.

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