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Why Should Single Dads Establish Paternity in Illinois?

 Posted on January 04,2024 in Aurora Family Law Attorney

North Aurora parental rights lawyerWhen a baby is born in Illinois, the mother who delivered that baby is automatically recognized as the mother. If she is married at the time of the birth, her husband is automatically considered the father without needing to show any proof. If she is not married at the time of the birth, no one is automatically recognized as the baby’s father.

Establishing paternity, or being legally recognized as the father, has a lot of implications for the parents and the child. Once established as the father, this man will now have legal obligations as well as legal rights related to the child. If you are about to become a father and you are not married to the mother, you might have questions about what you should do. An experienced Kane County, IL paternity lawyer can provide answers and guidance.

I Know I Will Support My Child, So What Difference Does Paternity Make?

When parents go from being married to being single, they generally go through a formal process like divorce or civil separation. As a result, they will have legally binding arrangements for everything related to how they will now raise their children as they enter a new chapter in their lives. A settlement officially ending their marriage will need to include information about how the parents will divide their parental rights and responsibilities, including the specifics of where the child will live, which parent the child will spend which holidays with, and decisions that might require both parents’ agreement.

None of the above applies if the couple is unmarried and paternity is not established. This means that the mother cannot expect any financial assistance, like child support and alimony, to help her cover the costs of raising their child alone. It means that the father cannot expect to spend any time with the child or weigh in on decisions that affect them, including what church they will attend and how they will spend the summer. This also extends to more serious matters, for example, the ability to approve or deny certain medical procedures or medications. And last, it means that the child, not legally recognized as the father’s child, will not have access to the father’s medical records (including information about things like genetic disorders) and will not be eligible for any inheritance or other death benefits (pension, life insurance, social security funds) that are registered in the father’s name. Legally establishing paternity is an excellent way to avoid all these negative consequences

Contact a North Aurora, IL Parental Rights Attorney

If you are unmarried and are about to become a father, you should speak with a knowledgeable Kane County, IL paternity lawyer. There are many reasons why establishing paternity could be beneficial to you and your child, and having all the facts explained to you can be helpful as you try to figure out your future. Call The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. at 630-409-8184 so we can guide you as you move forward.

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