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Batavia paternity attorney

When a child is born to two people who are married, in a civil union, or who were married or in a civil union within 300 days prior in the state of Illinois, those two people are legally presumed to be that child’s parents, even if that is not necessarily true. A child’s legal parents are required to provide for the child’s well-being, including providing for their financial needs. If the parents ever get divorced, the father has a legal right to decision-making responsibilities and parenting time, as well as an obligation to pay monthly child support. If the father finds out that he is not the father of the child, he can file to disprove the paternity of the child, which may relieve him of his parental responsibilities.

Disproving Paternity While Married

If the father is married when the child is born, the legal relationship is automatically established when the child is born. While this can be a convenience, it also means that the father is forced to take legal action to disprove the paternity of the child if the child is not his or her biological child. Genetic testing is used to determine whether or not a child is biologically related to an alleged father and is typically ordered by the court when a person files to have paternity disproven. Once the father becomes aware of the fact that he is not the child’s biological father, he must take immediate action, or the judge could deny his petition to disprove paternity.


North Aurora family law attorney guardianship

Throughout our lives, we all need someone to care for us. When we are babies, we depend on the care and nurture of our parents to thrive and grow into successful adults. As adults, we are able to take care of ourselves and make decisions pertaining to our lives. However, some situations may call for extra care and planning to ensure that the affairs of a person are handled. In Illinois, the law states that a guardian can be appointed to any person who is unable to manage his or her affairs because of mental deterioration, mental illness, developmental disability, or physical incapacity. It can be tough to come to terms with the fact that your loved one may need a guardian appointed to him or her, but an Illinois family law attorney can help.

Determining the Need for a Guardianship

Illinois law states that there are several reasons for which a person may need to have a guardian appointed to him or her to manage his or her affairs. Before a guardian is appointed to a person, it must be proven that the person is not able to make or communicate his or her own sound and responsible decisions about personal affairs. There are a variety of situations in which a person may need to have a guardian appointed for him or her. These scenarios can include:


DuPage County fathers' rights attorneyIn today’s world, most people would agree that a father plays just as an important role in raising a child as a mother. Many people also believe that a child deserves to have both parents present in his or her life. For some people, this can be difficult, especially if the child’s parents were not married when the child was born. In cases such as these, it is up to either the mother or father to petition to establish the paternity of the child, which can be done a few different ways. Establishing the paternity of the child creates a legal relationship between the child and his or her father. Until paternity is established, there is no legal relationship between the two, even if they are biologically related.

Presumed Paternity

In the state of Illinois, a man is presumed to be the father of a child if he was married or in a civil union with the child’s mother at the time the child was born. A man is also presumed to be a child’s father if he was married to the mother at any point within 300 days before the child was born. If the parents were not married or in a civil union during either of these times, the man has no legal presumption to the paternity of the child, and either parent must go about establishing paternity through signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity or through genetic testing and a court or administrative order.

Benefits of Establishing Paternity

There are quite a few reasons why a mother or father would want to establish paternity for his or her child. In most cases, establishing the paternity of the child gives both the child and the father rights they would not otherwise have. Benefits of establishing paternity include:


Aurora, IL family law attorneyThe divorce process is complex. It affects almost every area of your life, including your financial well-being, your emotional health, and even your living situation and retirement plans. Since divorce is such a monumental event, it is essential that you find a good divorce lawyer to guide you through the legal process. Who you hire to represent you is arguably one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your divorce. It can be confusing choosing a lawyer, but by using the following tips, you can ensure that your attorney is the best choice for your situation and circumstances.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

Before you even begin meeting with divorce attorneys, you should figure out what you want out of the divorce. What issues are most important to you? If you have a feeling that your soon-to-be ex-spouse will become contentious over the parenting time and parental responsibility arrangements, you should try to find a lawyer who is skilled in handling child-related issues. If you have reason to believe your spouse may be hiding assets from you, you will want to seek a lawyer who has experience in investigating financial matters. Attorney Matthew M. Williams has dealt with cases involving both parenting time and parenting responsibility allocation. He also has worked with forensic accountants and other financial experts in cases in which spouses are not transparent with their assets.

Ask the Right Questions

Once you have a selection of lawyers who may be good matches for you, you should begin setting up consultations to meet with them in person. This will allow you and your potential attorney to get to know each other before you commit to working with him or her. During your consultation, you will want to ask a few questions about his or her qualifications and how the firm can help your case overall. During this time, you can ask what the attorney’s opinion is on your case and how he or she would proceed with handling it. When consulting with Attorney Matthew M. Williams, his 15 years of family law experience will be apparent while you discuss your case with him.


Aurora divorce lawyer GAL child representativeAlmost anything that happens in the Illinois legal system that has to do with children revolves around what is in the child’s best interests. In the majority of divorce cases, at least one, but sometimes both of the parents, understand what would be in the child’s best interest. In some divorce cases, parents can become so blind with hate that the best interests of the child are lost, which is when a child representative steps in. Cases involving child support, the allocation of parental responsibilities, parentage, allocation of parenting time, relocation with the child, or even just the child’s general welfare can all be assigned representation for the child.

Types of Representation

The state of Illinois provides for three options when it comes to the representation of the child:

  • An attorney for the child


Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, parental rights, Filing for divorce can be a painful and difficult process. This is especially true when a divorcing couple has children and cannot agree on a child custody arrangement.

If you are considering divorce, it is important to learn as much about the process as possible. This will help you prepare for the proceedings and know what to expect. Child custody laws are complex, and each case is different. This is why parents who have questions about child custody should consult an experienced family attorney.

Parents with a criminal record often want to know if they can win custody or visitation rights. As with most divorce matters, the answer to this question depends on the specific facts of the case.


Illinios divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, marriage, divorce laws,There is no question about it: One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is understanding the legal framework. Each state has complex laws related to child custody, child support, alimony, and property division. For this reason, Illinois lawmakers are proposing changes to divorce laws that would remove some potentially unnecessary aspects.

 Many unhappy couples stay together because one or both spouses feel anxious about the divorce process. The truth, however, is that staying in an unhealthy relationship can be emotionally and mentally draining. An experienced family attorney can help make the process a bit more manageable by explaining the laws, discussing your rights, and guiding you through the procedures.

Lawmakers Propose Changes to Illinois Divorce Laws for the First Time in 40 Years


Illinios divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois child support lawyer,Many people throughout the country have child support obligations. However, many people do not appreciate the seriousness of paying their child support in a timely manner. If you fail to pay child support and neglect to show up at what is called “a hearing to show cause” for failure to pay, you can be found in civil contempt and spend time in jail.

One of the most important aspects of child support is maintaining an amount that complies with the law. Furthermore, depending on which state’s laws apply, fluctuations in both the custodial and non-custodial parent’s income can affect the amount of child support obligation. Therefore, it is very important to seek legal advice concerning child support obligations because failing to pay can land you in jail.

Three Different Methods The Law Employs to Calculate Child Support

divorce etiquette, divorce of friends, DuPage County divorce lawyer, friends and divorce, Illinois family law, Illinois family law attorney, marital problemsWhat should you do when you are a married couple and have friends who recently divorced? How do you handle such an issue? When divorce occurs, it can create a ripple effect throughout a family or a group of friends. However, there are ways to avoid this ripple effect, or to handle it as best as possible.

Emotional Reactions Run Rampant

When a married couple sees their friends divorce, it can lead to emotional reactions within their own marriage. Married friends may think or say, “If it happened to them, why can’t it happen to us?” Yet remember, your marriage is your own. And even though you may have thought all was well with your friends, you cannot be certain what was going on behind closed doors. Your marriage may be completely different than that of your divorcing friends. Be confident in what you have with your spouse.

Also, when you are friends with a divorced couple, do your best to not choose sides after the divorce becomes final. Choosing sides will alienate one of the divorcees, and could cause them to lose some of their best friends in life. Research shows that divorced women may even lose 40 percent of their friends. Consider divorce etiquette and try to remain neutral.


No matter what happens during the life of a relationship, if that relationship involves children, the primary goal of both parents should be to protect the well-being of the kids. While this is not always the case, most adults in America want what is best for their children. But what does that mean for married parents when they begin seriously considering divorce? The conventional wisdom is that divorce is hard on children, and that the children of divorced parents fare worse in life, both when they are young and once they have reached adulthood. However, more recent findings have shown that children raised in single-parent homes with a divorced parent are likely to adjust just as well as children from homes where parents remained married. Further, there are ways to lessen the impact of the divorce and secure a smoother adjustment for the children.

children of divorce imageBehavior Problems in Children

The conventional view of children of divorced parents is sullen, depressed, and angry. However, a recent study from the RAND Corporation shows that this view is exaggerated at best, and that the effects of divorce on the behavior and emotional well-being are marginal. Scholarly articles published before the RAND Corporation’s analysis studied the behavior of children of divorced parents, finding that their overall emotional well-being was less than that of children raised in two-parent households. However, those studies leapt to the conclusion that the divorce itself caused the dip in childhood well-being. They failed to take into consideration the level of conflict between parents preceding the divorce. In some cases, there were statistical findings that some groups of children of divorce exhibited fewer behavior problems than those with married parents. These were selectively downplayed or ignored.

The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C.


1444 North Farnsworth Avenue, Suite 307, Aurora, IL 60505

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