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Preparing for an Impending Divorce

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divorce, DuPage County family law attorneyWhen you and your spouse have reached that point at which divorce has become more than a nebulous possibility, you need to begin thinking seriously about the future. Of course, making preparations for your post-divorce life are important, such as finding a new place to live and re-evaluating your household budget based on your own income. The process itself will also require a great deal of consideration and there are some things you can to reduce stress and eliminate uncertainty.

Commit to Cooperate

There is no law that requires your divorce to be chaotic and contentious. In fact, there are several statutory provisions that expressly encourage amicable negotiations and settlements. This will require you and your spouse to dedicate yourselves to a spirit of cooperation from the very beginning. Doing so can allow informal discussions to begin immediately, which can later evolve into a legally-binding formal agreement. As you might expect, the initial commitment is merely the first step, and you may need to remind yourself along the way why working together is preferable to other alternatives.

Know What You Have and What You Want

Whether discussing tangible property like a dining room set, or more precious intangibles such as parenting responsibilities, begin making a list of what your ideal divorce settlement will look like. To the best extent you are able, inventory your physical property, financial holdings, and obligations. Similarly, take stock of all of the various parental duties necessary for raising your children if you have them. This will help create a starting point from which you and your spouse can reasonably negotiate and determine who will receive what property and who will assume which responsibilities.

Set Money Aside

Although it may require a bit of short-term sacrifice, you would be well-advised to begin saving money. An amicable, negotiated divorce is generally much less expensive than one fought in the courts, but there will still be necessary expenses. Filing fees and costs associated with attorneys, of course, are to be expected, but you may also need to put down a security deposit a new apartment or house, establish utilities and other services in your own name, and more. If you set aside more than you end up spending in the process, use the remainder to start your new life with a bit of a financial cushion.

Contact a Lawyer

Tempting though it may be, you should not try to navigate a divorce without at least some help from a legal professional. While most who skip hiring a lawyer do so for monetary reasons, the reality is that even a small mistake in the process could end up costing you much more than working with a law firm would have. To learn more about divorce in Illinois and how we can help, contact an experienced DuPage County family law attorney today. It is never too early to get the answers you need to whatever questions you may have.


The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C.


1444 North Farnsworth Avenue, Suite 307, Aurora, IL 60505

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