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Building a New Life after Divorce

 Posted on December 00,0000 in Life After Divorce

Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,It is not uncommon for those who just experienced the emotional and mental stress of a divorce to feel a little distrustful and jaded. After all, that union that was supposed to last a lifetime ended, for whatever reason, prematurely and now you are left to rebuild what is left of your life. Well, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that there is life after a divorce.

The Recovery Process

Much like a person dealing with the death of a loved one, there is a process for those emerging from a divorce. Consider applying these tips to your post-divorce life to help you move on to a new phase in your life.

  • Allow yourself to mourn. It is okay to feel grief following a divorce or even remorse, but don’t dwell on it. Make room for those feelings, deal with them and make plans to move forward.
  • As a way to help you deal with your feelings, sometimes talking with a professional is helpful. Working through your post-divorce emotions prevents them from polluting the next phase of your life.
  • It is okay to lean on friends. Not only will you learn who your real friends are, but they can help you avoid doing anything rash or keep you from lashing out emotionally.
  • Reinvent yourself. Was there something you wanted to do or try, but never got around to experience during your marriage? This may be the perfect time to find new hobbies, skills, and interests.
  • Along the road of reinventing yourself the opportunity to make new friends will present itself. Post-divorce is a new stage in your life so add some new friends to your life as well.
  • Learn to be alone. Sure, go ahead and spend time with friends and even make new friends, but you will need to adjust to life without the constant presence of your spouse.
  • Learn to embrace new roles. Now that you are single there are things to accomplish for which perhaps your ex-spouse was responsible, like paying bills or getting the car serviced. Relish your independence by taking on these new tasks, but give yourself a break if you make mistakes along the way.

Retain an Experienced Illinois Divorce Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

The divorce experience can leave a person emotionally drained and on edge. The proper representation can help alleviate much of the stress that accompanies the separation and divorce proceedings. Get a knowledgeable Aurora divorce lawyer on your side to ensure thorough and meticulous review of every detail throughout the process. The Law Offices of Matthew M. William, P.C. provide vigorous representation to ensure as quick and fair a completion as possible to the entire experience so you can get on with your life.



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1444 North Farnsworth Avenue, Suite 307, Aurora, IL 60505

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