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Maintaining Civility While Divorcing in Illinois

 Posted on July 18,2023 in No Fault Divorce

IL divorce lawyerGoing through a divorce is undoubtedly difficult, but being civil with your soon-to-be ex-spouse during the process can benefit everyone involved. Here are some tips for keeping things as amicable as possible when divorcing in Illinois:

Communication Tips

Friendly separation can be fostered by having open and respectful communication. Always speak politely in exchanges with your ex, even when emotions run high. Listen actively to their perspective and try to understand their feelings before reacting. Be willing to compromise when possible to resolve disagreements. Keep conversations focused on divorce matters rather than rehashing old grievances from the marriage.


Divorce mediation allows you and your spouse to work through conflicts with the help of a trained, neutral third party. The mediator facilitates productive discussions and helps you reach fair compromises. Mediation can be a constructive way to shape your divorce agreement together rather than leaving it in the hands of the court. It is typically faster and less expensive than litigation.

Compromise on Finances

Try to be fair when proposing how to divide assets and debts, considering factors like income disparity. Don't use money as a weapon against your spouse or means of control—work cooperatively for an equitable outcome. Be transparent with financial disclosure and paperwork. This reduces chances for future disputes over finances.

Seek Alignment on Child Custody

Deciding on child custody can be a challenging task. It's crucial to keep the children's welfare at the forefront when discussing this matter. In some cases, both parents may opt for joint legal and physical custody to maintain involvement in their children's lives even after divorce. To ensure clarity and consistency, it's advisable to formulate a comprehensive parenting plan that specifies custody schedules, caretakers, decision-making protocols, and other essential details.

Don't Badmouth Ex to Kids

No matter what caused the split, don't comment negatively about your ex-spouse in front of your children. Never use kids as messengers to communicate with your former partner. Actively encourage the children to maintain a relationship with their other parents. Keeping them out of adult disputes will support their well-being. This will help them adjust easier to the new family structure.

Contact an Illinois Divorce Lawyer

orce in Illinois can be challenging, but it's important to maintain civility for everyone involved, especially children. By being mindful of how you communicate, compromise, and behave, you can reduce conflict and positively help your family adjust to the transition. Taking a cooperative approach can make a big difference. Contact a Batavia family law attorney to ensure you're taking the proper steps. Call [[title] at 630-409-8184 today.



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