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Divorce and Depression

 Posted on December 00,0000 in Life After Divorce

Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,In addition to the financial repercussions of divorce, the emotional toll felt by both adults and children during and following the end of a marriage often has the power to develop into something quite harmful. In fact, many professionals urge greater awareness for and detection of the signs of clinical depression among those who go through a divorce.

Teens and Divorce

The impact of divorce on a teen can have a number of negative effects, ranging from feelings of abandonment to blaming themselves for the split of their parents. Some professionals make the analogy of a puzzle with missing parts, now the picture of the family the teen has known their whole life is suddenly incomplete. This can lead to confusion and sadness that, if left untreated, has the ability to develop into something quite harmful.

Although the numbers do not all reflect the impact of divorce, the incidents of teen depression have been on the rise since 2012. However, many believe increased cases of teen depression can often be traced back to some kind of major change in a teen’s life. The divorce of their parent certainly would qualify as a major life-changing event.

Divorce Adults Can Experience Depression Too

Despite the tendency for adults to be emotionally stronger than teens, it is not at all uncommon for those going through or having just experienced a divorce to feel depressed. This can be especially true for those going through a contested and quite a vitriolic divorce process with their spouse. For some, it is not enough to just split the marital assets, but they feel the need to also inflict some sort of emotional injury along the way.

Seeking Help

The help offered through therapy or a support group specifically created for teens or adults of divorce often is enough to prevent the emotional anxiety of divorce from developing into something far more harmful. However, if one finds himself in the throes of clinical depression, perhaps the most effective way of dealing with it is with the help of a trained mental health professional who can help guide them back to a happier or more stable emotional place.

Get the Legal Help You Need from a Knowledgeable Illinois Divorce Lawyer

The time required to seek and obtain a fair and equitable divorce can vary depending on the circumstances. However, sometimes the process can become emotionally overwhelming. To prevent the details from dominating your every thought, find and retain an experienced Aurora divorce attorney. The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. understands the stress and anxiety a divorce can cause and uses its resources to accommodate every unique situation. Call us today at 630-409-8184 to set up a consultation during which you can discuss the issues that may impact your divorce.



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1444 North Farnsworth Avenue, Suite 307, Aurora, IL 60505

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