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10 Common Pitfalls to Avoid During Your Illinois Divorce

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Divorce is a major event that can change nearly every aspect of your life. Unsurprisingly, this is why divorce is considered the second-most stressful life event you can go through, while dealing with the death of a family member or friend is typically number one. During a divorce, emotions can run wild, changing the personality and demeanor of even the most steadfast people. It is easy to make mistakes during your divorce process because of this, but it is crucial that you try to avoid making the following mistakes whenever possible:

  1. Do not try to “DIY” your divorce. Although it is possible to get a divorce on your own without a lawyer, it is not recommended. Divorce is complicated, and an attorney can ensure you are aware of the laws that apply to you and your rights in the decisions involved in ending your marriage.

  2. Do not try to hide your assets from your partner or their attorney. Sometimes, people attempt to hide assets from their spouses in the hopes that they will not have to divide those assets during the divorce. However, this is referred to as dissipation, and if you do attempt to hide assets, you can face serious consequences.

  3. Do not make kids choose between parents. Your children deserve to have a relationship with both parents, and it is not fair to force them to choose one parent over another. Instead, you and your spouse can work together to make decisions about child custody and visitation based on what is in children's best interests.

  4. Do not start another romantic relationship right away. Divorce can be an emotionally taxing time for many people. In many cases, it is best to use the time during and after the divorce to focus on healing and reflection. Adding a new romantic partner into the mix can complicate matters, provoke disputes with your spouse, and cause undue stress.

  5. Do not ignore your finances. Even if you were not the spouse who managed the finances during your marriage, it is imperative that you have an understanding of your financial situation when you divorce. Focus on creating a post-divorce budget that takes into consideration your new income and expenses.

  6. Do not take on new debt. Just like property and assets, any debt acquired during the marriage must be divided during your divorce. However, once the divorce process is started, any debt you take on may solely be your responsibility. Although it may be tempting to buy a fancy new car to treat yourself, you should carefully consider whether you can afford the monthly payments. 

  7. Do not fight in front of your children. Children who live in households with unhappy parents have been found to develop issues such as behavioral problems, sleeping problems, and in some cases, lifelong aversion to intimacy. Avoid arguing with your spouse in front of the kids, and try to resolve any disagreements in private. 

  8. Do not do anything out of spite. Divorce causes a range of emotions, and it can sometimes bring out the worst in people, but you should try to avoid acting on those emotions. Do not do something just because you know it will make your spouse angry, as these actions could lead to retaliation, increased conflict, and difficulty resolving disputes during the divorce process.

  9. Do not refuse to communicate with your spouse. It can be taxing and sometimes downright draining to communicate with your spouse, especially if he or she is being difficult. It may seem easier to just give up, but you should try to cooperate whenever you can so you can finalize your divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible while still ensuring that your rights are protected.

  10. Do not fight over trivial matters. Pick and choose your battles. You will likely want to avoid contentious disputes about minor, less important issues, such as who will keep the family's dishes and silverware. Evaluate the issues that are the most important to you and focus your effort on those negotiations.

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Divorce can be a long and complicated legal process that often leaves spouses with many questions. That is why it is important to seek professional legal counsel at the beginning of the divorce process. To protect your rights during the legal proceedings, speak with a knowledgeable St. Charles asset division lawyer as soon as possible. At the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., our goal is to guide you through your divorce with as little confusion and stress as possible. To schedule your private consultation, call our office today at 630-409-8184.




The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C.


1444 North Farnsworth Avenue, Suite 307, Aurora, IL 60505

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