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What Options Do I Have to Pay My Child Support Obligation in Illinois?

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In situations where the parents of a child are divorced or no longer in a relationship, child support orders are often entered to ensure that the financial responsibility of raising a child is not left up to only one parent. In Illinois, child support is typically paid by the parent who has a smaller portion of the parenting time. The amount of child support that is paid each month is determined by a formula that takes into consideration each parents’ income, parenting time, how many children you are supporting, and how much supporting your children should cost.

Paying your child support obligation is extremely important, not only for the well-being of your children but also so you can avoid any repercussions for nonpayment. If you do not make your payment, you could face significant consequences such as driver’s license suspension, wage garnishment, tax refund interception, and more. The state of Illinois offers various options for paying your child support so there is a confirmation that you are in compliance with the order and a record for the payment exists.

Options for Paying Child Support

The easiest and most common way of paying child support is by having the amount automatically deducted from your paycheck. If this is the method you choose to pursue, your employer will receive a notice from the Illinois State Disbursement Unit (ISDU) instructing them to withhold and send a specific dollar amount directly from your paycheck to the ISDU. This method ensures your child support is paid each month with little effort on your part.

However, if you are self-employed or you do not have an actual employer, you will need to pay child support in a different way. It is always an option to pay your child support obligation directly to your child’s other parent, but that opens up the possibility for accusations of non-payment down the road. The most reliable way to make child support payments is to make them through the ISDU. The ISDU accepts payments made by check, online, or by phone.

Contact a Kane County Child Support Attorney 

If you have just finalized your divorce or you and your child’s other parent have just entered into a child support order, all of the information can be overwhelming. At the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., we can help you understand how each method of payment works in addition to answering any questions you may have about your child support order. To schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable Aurora child support lawyer, call us today at 630-409-8184.




The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C.


1444 North Farnsworth Avenue, Suite 307, Aurora, IL 60505

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