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Understanding the Benefits of Pursuing an Uncontested Illinois Divorce

 Posted on October 27,2020 in Uncontested Divorce

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It can feel like you have gotten over a giant hurdle once you have finally made the decision to tell your spouse that you want a divorce. Now that you have made that decision, you must begin to make even more difficult decisions throughout the process. One of the first decisions you will be required to make during your Illinois divorce is whether or not your divorce will be contested or uncontested. Both types of divorces have their place, but an uncontested divorce can offer benefits that a traditional litigated divorce cannot.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

In the simplest terms, an uncontested divorce is any divorce that takes place between two spouses who agree on all or most issues pertaining to their divorce. During a divorce, there are various issues that need to be discussed and settled, which can include issues such as dividing and allocating your marital debt and property, determining if spousal support is needed and if so, how much and for how long. If there are children, issues such as designating parenting time, allocating decision-making responsibilities, and calculating child support must all be addressed.

Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

In many aspects, an uncontested divorce can be a much better choice if you and your spouse agree on most topics. The main difference between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce is that a contested divorce is settled by going to court and having a judge make decisions for you. The benefits of uncontested divorce include:

  • The process will be less stressful for everyone in the family. Even though a divorce is a process that takes place between you and your spouse, it also affects your children and it can even affect your other family members. An uncontested divorce involves little to no conflict and will foster much less stress than a contested divorce would.

  • It will likely cost less. Another advantage of an uncontested divorce is that it is very likely to cost much less than an uncontested divorce. When you go through an uncontested divorce, you must pay dozens of legal fees, court costs, and filing fees for all of the court hearings you must attend. An uncontested divorce only consists of one court hearing to finalize your divorce.

  • It can progress much quicker. When you are at the mercy of the court’s schedule, you never know what the actual timeline of your divorce may look like. However, when you get an uncontested divorce, you are able to dictate how quickly or slowly you proceed with the divorce by maintaining control over many aspects of it.

  • It encourages an amicable relationship. If you and your spouse are parents, especially, you will want to be able to continue to co-exist peacefully with one another for the sake of your children. An uncontested divorce can help facilitate a cooperative environment and it can also help you and your spouse learn to work together and build a positive relationship.

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Many people falsely believe that because they are going through an uncontested divorce and they agree on everything that they do not need to hire an attorney. However, getting help from a knowledgeable Kendall County divorce lawyer is always a good idea, no matter what type of divorce you are going through. Any kind of divorce can be stressful, which is why you should get in touch with the qualified legal team at the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. To schedule a consultation and get started on your case, call our office today at 630-409-8184.


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