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Four Reasons to Get a Paternity Test in Illinois 

 Posted on February 02,2022 in Paternity

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_523810459.jpgEstablishing parentage of a child has many benefits. In the case of paternity, determining parentage can be difficult depending on the marital status between the parents and paternity allegations. Often, the best way to determine the biological father of a child is by taking a paternity DNA test. These are the four main reasons to take a paternity test in Illinois.

You Want the Alleged Father to Pay Child Support 

Even if a father is not interested in being a part of the child’s life, he is still accountable for financially supporting the child. A mother who is interested in obtaining child support from the father of her child may need to request a DNA paternity test. By requesting the alleged father take a DNA test and prove paternity, you can ensure that he is held to his legal responsibilities. 

The Father Wants Custody Rights 

Courts will allow for custody rights including parenting time based on the best interests of the child in question. Typically, this encourages both the mother and father to be an active part of their child’s life. If the paternity of a child is undetermined, a parent or the court may request a paternity DNA test to be conducted. A father-child relationship can be an important bond for both the dad and the child. By establishing paternity, a father can secure custody rights to encourage involvement in the child’s life. 

The Child Wants Inheritance 

Inheritance often includes the rights to certain property after a family member dies. If paternity is not established, that child may not be able to obtain his or her rightful inheritance. A paternity test may be required to ensure a child has rights to his or her father’s inheritance. Establishing paternity also gives a child access to the father’s health insurance, life insurance, military benefits, and social security benefits. 

To Understand Genetic Predispositions 

Many health conditions are passed down from generation to generation. Hereditary diseases can include sickle-cell disease, cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy. It can be medically critical to know if you or your child is predisposed to certain genetic conditions, but this is difficult without the medical history of both the mother and father. By conducting a paternity test, a child can have access to his or her medical history and be able to make the most educated decisions for their health moving forward. 

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