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Divorce and Depression

 Posted on December 00,0000 in Life After Divorce

Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,When something you thought would last forever suddenly ends it is not uncommon to feel a sense of loss or even fall into depression. Divorce can be like that. Even if you saw knew a divorce was coming, when it is all over the experience can still exact an emotional toll.

The Stages of Loss

Not unlike the stages one might experience dealing with the death of a loved one, the stages an individual can go through following a divorce are no less real. You may not necessarily experience all five, but knowing what to expect can help you cope:

  • Denial and isolation: in the face of overwhelming emotion, a newly-divorced person may seek isolation to deal with the situation.
  • Anger: Misdirected anger can be harmful so finding a healthy outlet is important.
  • Bargaining: You might start second-guessing the divorce or dwelling on things you might have done differently.
  • Next, one might experience a deep sense of sadness. This comes with the realization that your life is about to undergo a major change. Seeking professional help or talking with friends can help.
  • At last there is acceptance. Every divorce is different so the time it takes to navigate through the stages will vary for everyone. The goal is to come to terms with the end of your marriage and make plans to move on with your life.

Fighting Post-Divorce Depression

It is common for both men and women to experience a sense of depression following a divorce. Here are a few ideas to help combat those feelings:

  1. Build a support network. Family members, trusted friends, and even a therapist; anyone on whom you can rely, and to whom you share your feelings. Do not hold things inside.
  2. Find a constructive outlet. Read a book, begin a new hobby or join a gym; diversions such as these can help you take your mind off the divorce and focus your attention on something positive.
  3. Avoid jumping into a new relationship. Don’t rebound into a new relationship simply to replace the one that just ended.
  4. Get organized. Clear your home and life of possessions from the marriage that might ignite unhealthy memories of things you cannot change.
  5. Avoid “bad mouthing” your ex-spouse. Taking the high road eventually will help you stay there.

Contact a Reliable and Knowledgeable DuPage County Divorce Attorney

There is no way to guarantee a smooth or stress-free divorce. In fact, some might say the odds are against it. However, retaining and working with an experienced Illinois divorce attorney is a good way to get things started on a positive note. The Law Offices of Matthew M. William, P.C. offer every client meticulous review of the details and sound planning for a fair end to your marriage.



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1444 North Farnsworth Avenue, Suite 307, Aurora, IL 60505

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