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Different Types of Illinois Protective Orders

 Posted on February 14, 2023 in Family Law

St. Charles Family Violence LawyerProtection orders are court orders that are placed with the intention of protecting an individual or individuals from an abusive person in their household or family. These orders are governed under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act (IDVA). Originally passed in 1982, the IDVA brings legislative recognition to the gravity of domestic violence by providing a wide range of protection to victims. We will be discussing three different types of protective orders: civil no-contact orders, orders of protection, and stalking no-contact orders. 

Civil No Contact Orders 

A civil no-contact order requires that a person who has committed sexual assault or abuse stay away from the person they assaulted. Any person who is a victim of non-consensual sexual conduct or penetration is eligible to petition for a no-contact order, regardless of age, blood relation, or romantic interest. If you are a minor or an adult with health issues that prevent you from filing yourself, you may have a parent or trusted adult file on your behalf. Filling out this petition may require someone to share details or proof of the assault. Additionally, an advocate at your local rape center can help with filling out this petition. 

Order of Protection 

An order or protection requires the person who committed the domestic abuse to stay away from those they have abused. Family or household members are eligible for this protection if they are related by blood or marriage to the abuser, share a home with the abuser, have a child with the abuser, have some sort of romantic relationship with the abuser, or are high-risk adults with disabilities. Anyone who has been abused, threatened, or deprived of necessities can ask for an order of protection. 

Stalking No Contact Order 

The stalking no-contact order requires that a person who has been accused of stalking another person stay away and have zero contact with that individual. The law defines stalking as two or more times of unwanted contact and acknowledges that there are many different ways that stalking may be committed. Any person who has experienced this type of conduct and fears for their safety or the safety of another person is eligible to petition for a stalking no-contact order.

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