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Creating a Parenting Plan that Benefits Your Whole Family

 Posted on November 24, 2021 in Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

aurora divorce lawyerParenting after a divorce is challenging. Fortunately, there are many things parents in Illinois can do to make the transition to life after marriage easier. The most important piece of parenting cooperatively after divorce is creating a great parenting plan that places the child’s best interests first and respects the needs and wishes of both parents. 

Strategies like mediation can help parents navigate their differences while resolving issues like parenting time and allocation of parental responsibilities. When spouses and their attorneys work together, they can create a parenting plan that both parents are more likely to appreciate and follow. If you are getting divorced and want an amicable and effective parenting plan, here are some tips to get you started. 

Creating an Amicable Parenting Plan

Although everyone’s situation is unique, there are time-tested strategies that generally yield good results. These include: 

  • Understanding and prioritizing the children’s best interests - The children’s needs should be the main focus of any parenting plan. Their school, their friends, and their mental and physical health are all crucial parts of their lives and should be attended to with as little disruption as possible. Parents often find that children are cooperative and helpful when they are included in the arrangements. 

  • Creating a mutually workable schedule - Parenting plans should reflect how much time parents can spend with their children in a realistic and meaningful way. Although it can be tempting to request as much time as possible, parents should also consider their own needs and circumstances. How far will parents live from each other? What are their work schedules? Who can practically take the children to and from school? How will holidays be arranged? All of these factors should be addressed sensibly. 

  • Stay on task - By the time parents get divorced, there are often many years of built-up hurt and resentment lingering behind every conversation. However, re-litigating these problems will only hurt efforts to work together. Try to put old injuries aside, if only for the sake of your children, and refrain from trying to get back at your ex.

Meet with a Batavia, IL Parenting Plan Lawyer

Creating a great parenting plan is challenging, but if parents are committed to respecting each other and serving the best interests of their children, it is entirely doable. At The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., we want your family to be happy and whole, and our Kendall County parenting plan attorneys are committed to working towards that end. We will help you create an amicable parenting plan and will work cooperatively with your spouse and their attorney whenever possible. Call our offices today to schedule your consultation at 630-409-8184



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1444 North Farnsworth Avenue, Suite 307, Aurora, IL 60505

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