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Can We Avoid Divorce?

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Aurora divorce lawyer, avoid divorce, divorce and communication, marriage and communication, marriage counselingMarriage is not something that runs on autopilot. All couples, regardless if they are married for a few months or several years, will inevitably experience some trying times.

Whether through communication, counseling, or some other means, it is often possible to resolve conflicts, repair the relationship, and continue living a happy life together. Disagreements and fights do not need to result in divorce.

Head Off the Possibility of Divorce Before Getting Married

One way to reduce the chances of divorce is to make sure you have answers to important questions prior to walking down the aisle. Consider the following list of topics for discussion to have with any potential spouse.

  • What do you want to change about me? Is there something about the other person that you really think needs work? Be open and honest with each other, even if it means the end of the relationship. Better to find out before an expensive wedding and even more expensive divorce.

  • Talk about having children. Are both partners in agreement about having or not having children? Do not wait to learn your spouse’s true feelings on this subject before it is too late.

  • Talk about money and finances. Even though many consider it a no-no, maintaining separate bank accounts may work for some couples.

  • Talk about sex and monogamy. There are all kinds of relationships these days. Do not assume the person you want to marry feels the same way about these subjects as you. You are both adults, talk about sex, intimacy, and related topics with candor.

There are other topics you may need to discuss, but those listed above are a good place to start.

Every Marriage Needs Work

There is no secret formula to a good marriage. Just like any successful endeavor, a lasting marriage requires plenty of attention and work.

  • Good marriages features two partners who put in effort on a daily basis. You can never stop working at making your marriage better.

  • Stay committed to the success of your marriage.  Not every moment of a marriage will be happy, but commitment is something that requires renewal to ensure the good times outnumber the bad times.

  • Consider counseling. When all else fails, don’t be afraid to seek the help of a professional to identify and resolve the issues that might end your marriage.

When the Marriage Does Not Work Find an Experienced DuPage County Divorce Attorney

If you and your spouse try to repair the issues that threaten your marriage, but still decide that a divorce is the appropriate course of action it is critical to obtain the services of a competent and practiced Aurora divorce lawyer. The Law Offices of Matthew M. William, P.C. will work to ensure your divorce is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.



The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C.


1444 North Farnsworth Avenue, Suite 307, Aurora, IL 60505

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